Becoming Venus

Vanda as Wanda
But is Venus covering herself with the fur – or is she opening the fur to reveal her glories?

In June 2016 at the Centre Theater in Norristown, PA, B Sharp Productions and Starving Artist's Prevention presents Venus in Fur, directed by Christen Mandracchia and starring Christopher T. McGinnis as Thomas Novacheck and Kellie Cooper as Vanda Jordan. The play examines themes of control, submission, domination, and the blurred lines between reality and acting when people interact.

Vanda, who becomes Wanda and a portal for Venus in this world of roles and role-reversals, hides behind her lies and, at the same time, pursues truths about herself, Novacheck, and Novacheck’s play.

Follow Kellie Cooper’s process of discovering and creating the layers of Vanda…transforming Vanda from a character on paper into a real walking, talking Vanda on the Centre Theater stage in Venus in Fur.