Kay Square Press is an independent publisher dedicated to finding local Philadelphia artists and their stories. Whether an original work or an academic critique, Kay Square Press works to bring local treasures to light. Publisher and distributor of high quality print and electronic books, Kay Square considers submissions with the appropriate Philadelphia-area vision, including but not limited to the following subject areas:

• Cuisine
• Drama
• Film & video
• Fine art
• Literature & poetry
• Music
• Performance art
• Sculpture

To ensure timely consideration of your draft/planned work, please provide the information listed below. Please DO NOT submit unsolicited complete manuscripts. Your Submission Summary (not counting your resume or sample chapters) should be no longer than 1,000 words. The Submission Summary should take the form of a letter and cover the following:

Submission Summary

Your Submission Summary should include:

• Names of the author(s) or editor(s)
• Complete title and subtitle
• Length or proposed length
• Description of the content of the book including your aims in writing it; primary
  themes; genre; sources used in your research, if applicable; and the relationship or
  similarity of your work to other writing in its field or genre
• Intended audience/markets for the book, including organizations or groups that might
  be interested in reading it
• Ways the book complements the mission of Kay Square Press as an
  independent publisher of local artistic expression
• Any features in the proposed manuscript that will require special consideration in
  design and production of your book, such as photographs, line drawings, illustrations,
  charts, graphs, or tables, etc
• Status of your manuscript, including when you expect to finish writing it.

With your Submission Summary, please include a copy of your current resume, as well as those for co-authors/editors. You may include a sample chapter from the manuscript, if available. Please double-space all sample chapters.

Where and How to Submit

You may submit your Submission Summary electronically or in print. Electronic submissions should be in PDF (Acrobat) format and may be sent as an email attachment to Melissa Daddona, Developmental Editor, at Melissa.Daddona@kaysquarepress.com.
Please combine all materials into one PDF file.

Paper submissions may be sent to:

Melissa Daddona
Developmental Editor
Kay Square Press, Inc.
P.O. Box 113
Newtown Square, PA 19073