Main Liners: The Blue Fahua
by Barbara K. Clement
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In this, the second novel in her Main Line mystery series, Barbara K. Clement invites readers to venture beyond the Main Line to some of the world’s most exotic locales. From the punishing tundra of Siberia to the enchanting and romantic environs of Paris, two exceptional women will be tested mentally, physically, and morally…as both women revisit their pasts in an effort to find their way home.

Jessica Rawlins returns to confront the ghosts of a past long hidden and leave her comfortable suburban lifestyle behind. Reluctant at first to re-enter a clandestine existence, she soon realizes how much of herself has been buried with the past–essentially all that makes her feel intelligent, resilient, and passionate.

Meanwhile, socialite Charlotte Fallowell also wrestles with her past and current identities. Forced to face secrets buried deep within the generations of her family, Charlotte learns that even her bucolic Main Line sanctuary cannot protect her from the hazards hidden in her Russian heritage. Facing the latest rumors and gossip about her husband and family at a social meeting, she alone is left to find the answers that will lead out of danger and back to safety.

After venturing so far into the world and the past, can they return to their Main Line lives?

Main Liners: The Blue Fahua
By Barbara Clement